Table sweets

Our stevia tablet sweetener is based on Reb-A and is well suited for daily use as a sweetener for home use, such as in tablet form or as granules. They are generally suitable as a substitute for sugar and synthesized sweeteners. They can replace the sweetness of sugar (a possibility with granules) or significantly sweeter. We offer different sweetness levels and compositions and can orient ourselves to the wishes of our customers. As additional ingredients we offer for example erythritol or maltodextrin. Stevia tablet sweeteneris suitable for coffee, tea, yogurt, desserts, cereals, salad, jam, sauce, baking, cooking and much more.



SpecificationIngredientsSweetness times sugar
Stevia + Erythritol TabletsStevia RA98, erythritol, sodium bicarbonate, tartaric acid, leucine20-60
Stevia + Erythritol GranulesStevia RA98, Erythritol1-10
Stevia + Erythritol PowderStevia RA98, Erythritol1-10