About Stevia Extracts

The product is obtained from the leaves of Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni. The leaves are extracted with water and the aqueous extract is passed through an adsorption sesin to trap and concentrate the component steviol glycosides.

E-Number: E960


Stevioside: 57817-89-7

Rebaudioside A: 58543-16-1

Chemical Formula

Stevioside: C38H60O18stevia-powder-next-to-dried-leaves

Rebaudioside A: C44H70O23

Characteristics of Steviol Glycosides

  • very sweet powder but low calorie

  • Steviol Glykosides have good stability at low concentrations of acid or alkali and have high heat resistance. In the range of PH 3-9, heated to 100 degree Celsius for 60 minutes, there is no change in content and sweetness.

  • Steviol Glykosides are a poor medium of microbe. Under normal conditions it is not broke down and does not produce glucose which microbes need

  • Some studies suggest, that Steviol Glykosides have positive influences in balancing blood sugar, lowering blood pressure while being anti-oxidant and anti-caries

Structural Formula